What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed onto a user’s computer by websites that one visits. They are used in order to make websites work. The EFIE Living Style web site is based on WordPress and uses cookies for basic session data. The cookies used are stored on the user’s computer only.

Visiting the EFIE Living Style website does not give the visitor access to any of EFIE computer files. The EFIE Living Style website does have cookies which enable visitors to access the site.

What is the Purpose

The cookies used create basic information, visiting time for the domain, create an expiry time for the session and finally create the date of the last access.

Some necessary data is collected by EFIE Living Style in order for us to analyse web traffic so we can provide better services to you. We will record your IP address, your device type and browser version so we can provide these services to you. By providing this to us, you consent to us storing this data so that we can assist you with your enquiry.

In accordance with GDPR and pursuant to European Commission Decision 2013/65/EU, this data remains protected by appropriate safeguards and is stored in a location recognised by the EU as an ‘adequate’ country.

We do not sell or lease your personal data to any third party.

EFIE Cookie Names Examples ARRAffinity viewed_cookie_policy
Indexed DB cfs.actions_13
Local Storage cfs.actions_14
Session Storage PHPSESSID